Friday, April 8, 2011


The other night as I was feeding Contessa, it dawned on me that we never gave the kids their "Big Brother, Big Sister" gift.  So in the morning, two days after Contessa was born, we gave the kids their gift.  When a new baby comes along Nate and I try and have something special for the older kid(s).  For this birth I found some special things at St. Vincent's and Goodwill.  At St. Vincents I found a Thomas the Tank Engine blanket that washed up beautifully, a Black Beauty chapter book, an adorable "I spy" board book and a four Kumon workbooks.  At Goodwill I found four Sesame Street Library books and a Smithsonian book that added to our collections at home.  The kids were so excited and I was happy that we were able to get them such a nice gift for so little money.

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