Friday, September 30, 2011

Can I Keep'em Coming

About 4 weeks ago Layla received the Moody series from my mother.  Each book ranges from about 185 to 195 pages and there is only one picture per chapter.  Layla has already polished off 4 of these books in 4 weeks!  That makes me nervous because I want to keep her reading massive amounts of books, but I am a bit picky about content because she is very sensitive in spirit.  These books are great because they are about a homeschooling family, so Layla gets to see some similarities to her own life!  She is amazing!  I better go read some more to keep up with her!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cut Poison Burn

I watched this film this week and it just messed me up.  Kinda in the same way that Food, Inc. and Super Size Me messed me up.  I heard someone say last night that "the first sight of truth is in doubting."  If what you see in this trailer interests you, head on over to and you can download the entire film for a "personal value fee" which means donate what you can for the cost of the film.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Real Answers for Real People

Update:  Ok people, we've had about 40 views and no comments yet.  I know everybody has an opinion, especially regarding politics, so who is going to be the first brave soul to get this discussion rolling!?! 

I am loving all the new Ron Paul campaign ads!  Check them out here since they may not be airing in your state yet.  I would love to hear people's likes and dislikes regarding Ron Paul.  Maybe we can get a lively discussion going on!  After last night's debate, which seemed so full of "he said, she said" garbage and fluff from the front-runners, it would be nice to actually hear some real concerns from people and get some real answers of how a candidate would fix those problems.  Don't hold back.  I'll do my best to address any comment.  Let's just remember to keep things respectful and "above the belt."

Ron Paul 2012 - Restore America Now!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mommy and Daddy

Because too often, we just take pictures of the kids, and forget to get in some of the pictures ourselves!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


 Two boys with broken arms that Doctor Daddy had to fix.
 Faithful Nurse Layla by doctor's side to help out.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

School's Back In Session

We started the day after Labor Day and have been enjoying ourselves.  Julius has begun phonics work in his Penny Primer and finds it fun.  We are starting with Story of the World Volume 1 this year.  Layla has begun to gather important dates for a family timeline.  Then I would like to put together a large timeline for our history lessons and add to it as we read books, view art, etc.  Have any of you ever used a timeline? I am not sure if I want one hanging on the wall or to put one together in a large ring binder.  What are your thoughts?  We are several chapters into Tom Sawyer.  Layla has been running a fever for the past few days(six yr. molars?), so our school work has mostly consisted of Montessori activities and read alouds.  The kids have begged for more of these activities since they are so much fun.  It has even kept a feverish girl wanting to do more "work."  Layla is still not convinced the Montessori stuff counts as school!

Butterfly Release

Layla received this wonderful gift for her birthday.  Since it was too cold to do it this Spring, we waited and ordered our caterpillars this summer.  They grew fast and soon we had four painted lady butterflies.  One was deformed because he formed his cocoon on the ground (I'm guessing).  The healthy three flew gracefully away, but our handicapped little buddy was placed on a rock.  An hour or so later it started to rain, so I went outside and found him still on his rock.  I put him under some plants for shelter.  A little while later I checked on him again and he had crawled back to his rock and was out in the rain.  We figured he would become a special treat for a bird.


Contessa 4 Months Old