Monday, May 9, 2011

Daffodils 2011

This year, as we attempted to take our annual daffodil pictures, I quickly realized I needed to significantly lower my expectations.  It was cold, windy and the sun was burning out our retinas.  Gunnar was being a total crabby pants.  Julius was insisting on smiling weird.  Layla kept looking around making weird faces.  Oh, yeah, and it was dinner time.  I decided to lower the bar and just be content that some pictures were captured, no matter how mediocre they might be.


  1. Beautiful color. Cute kids. Expressive personality. Real life. I think they're great!
    -- Damma

  2. Awww...these came out great Sarah!! Where are all of these daffodils?? Super Fun! :) --Liz Marsh

  3. We take the pics at Cascades park near our house. Damma - we have a collage for you of all these pics. We just haven't mailed it yet :)