Monday, August 31, 2009

End of Summer

Today Nathan headed back to work. As you can imagine I get ridiculously spoiled every summer with him at home. The morning started with the famous "Where's Daddy?" questions and my answer and then repeated explanations of why Daddy had to go back to work. This was all followed with confusion when Nate came home for lunch. Layla just looked at him and asked "Why is Daddy home?" More explaining occurred and I encouraged her and Julius to be excited that Daddy would be having lunch with us everyday this week until students returned to school next Tuesday. Kids are so funny.

At the breakfast table we started talking about what we were thankful for this summer. Layla enjoyed her time playing in the kiddie pools and sprinklers. She also enjoyed the strawberry, cherry and blueberry picking we did this summer. Julius also expressed he liked the same things. Layla said she enjoyed visiting with family and friends, and she really liked the parks we played at. I reminded them of all the fun we had camping a few weeks ago with grandma and grandpa. The kids also both said they loved having Daddy home for the summer. I agree!

Every fall I adjust back to parenting most of the day on my own. The luxury of handing the baby off while I shower or prepare a meal is gone. Today it was back to sticking Gunnar in my baby k'tan and fixing lunch. I was at least wise enough this time around to shower the night before and lay my clothes out. That definitely was a life saver today! So, thank you Nate for all your help this summer. I am missing it already. Thank goodness you are home by 4:00 most days!

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