Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Goodbye Tree

Yesterday we had a very large tree in our side yard cut down. It was a huge maple tree that had become somewhat of a feasting place for carpenter ants. The tree was still pretty stable, but our neighbors next door had become very concerned with the tree, worrying that it would fall on their house. Our neighbors have always been very good to us and we did not want to let a tree come between our neighborly relationship, so we bit the bullet and had it cut down. Thankfully, Nate has an extended relative in the tree trimming business (I knew Nate was a great catch from the start, but these helpful and money-saving connections just reconfirm things for me!).

It was a wonderful tree that shaded our house through the hot summers and gave us an abundance of golden leaves to rake and jump into in the autumn season. It also provided some privacy to our second story windows. All in all, the tree will be missed.

But, to look at things more optimistically, the tree will continue to bless others. Friends and family are taking the wood for fire pits and wood burning stoves. I'm thankful that we can bless others this way. My husband was saying that the increased sun exposure may help the house feel a little warmer through the winter. That's always a good thing for us Michiganders! I'm not even that worried about a shortage of fall leaves for the kids to play in, as we still have several trees on our lot and our yard amazingly seems to suck in all the leaves from the entire block each October.

So, good tree. Thank you for your shade. Thank you for your beautiful autumn leaves. We are missing you already, as our side yard seem awkwardly bare and open. I think our house looked better with you next to it. Goodbye tree. May you keep our friends and family warm and cozy.

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