Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Still Life......According to a Four-Year Old

Today, Layla requested that I place her tooth brush, Julius' tooth brush and their tooth paste on the dining room table so that she could draw it. I arranged it on the table while she and Julius got their paper, pencils and crayons. Layla told me she needed to draw it in pencil first and then color it. Seems like she has been picking up a few things from her aunt the artist!

Layla's great Aunt Julia is a wonderful painter and artist! This past year she painted some amazing pictures of myself, Layla, my mother and my grandmother. Check out this series of paintings titled Four Generations. While your over at her sight, take a look at some of her other works, too! I feel like the pictures of the paintings don't even capture the richness of seeing the paintings in person. Her colors are lovely and bold, and her paintings have great texture. We have a print of this painting, which I just love!

Nate has many talented artists throughout his family. Hopefully our kids have gotten a bit of that artist's touch, too!

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