Friday, November 13, 2009

With My Mouth Will I Make Known

"I will sing of the mercies of the LORD for ever: with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all generations."
Psalm 89:1

Lately I have been marveling at the way the Lord blesses our family, even in the smallest details. Our budget has been extremely tight lately, and we have just been forced to wait upon the Lord in many areas. He always provides! Even when you don't expect it. I heard a preacher say once that many times we don't wait on the Lord to provide because we rush out and purchase it on credit or try to meet our own needs in our own power. I can surely attest to that and have the debt to show for it!

The song of Psalm 89:1 has been on my heart and I felt compelled to sing of the mercies of the Lord and make His faithfulness known to all generations! Here it goes:

  • Nate's fellow teachers and staff members blessed us with 29 packs of diapers when Gunnar was born!
  • My girlfriend gave me a large garbage bag full of clothes that got me through my post-baby period of frumpiness!
  • My mom's friend gave me two large garbage bags full of clothes that provided me with clothes to wear once I lost all of the baby weight!
  • Layla needed a larger bike this summer and our neighbor's sold us a "princess" bike with training wheels for $5!
  • When we needed new curtains to match our newly painted back room, the Lord miraculously allowed the curtains to come out in just the right color after some "mishaps" with bleaching and trying to dye them, lol! It saved us having to purchase new curtains, which can be expensive!
  • After ruining a very large load of clothes that contained almost all of Nate's work shirt (pen left in pocket, oy!), Menard's just happened to be selling polo shirts - 2 for $5 (Side note: hairspray took the ink out of some of his shirts)!
  • Friends of my parents gave them a nice gallon of yellow paint. They gave it to us, allowing us to repaint our bathroom for free!
  • We needed a new door for our bathroom. Nate found a six panel, primed door at Menard's mis-priced (normally pretty pricey). He was able to purchase it for $10!
  • Nate found outdoor carpet on clearance to re-carpet the front steps, just when we needed it!
  • Our next door neighbor has been clearing out his house since his wife passed away and gave us lots of canned goods, napkins and Kleenex (came in handy with all of our runny noses lately)!
  • My mother has been blessing us with things like steel cut oats, red lentils and coconut milk, pretty frequently. These items are never cheap in the Jackson area!
  • My grandmother purchased a winter coat, snow pants and pajamas for Julius. She bought some pajamas for Gunnar, too!
  • My mother bought some pajamas for all the kids!
  • We received a check for $150 from extra money in our escrow account! I actually cried at this one as I tucked it away for gas money for our Missouri trip!
  • We received coupons for free butter and such in the mail from Kroger, right about the time we ran out of butter and payday was still almost a week away!
  • We needed to replace a Plexiglas window on our front porch. When we priced it out it was going to cost between $15 and $20. When cleaning out the basement, Nate found a piece of Plexiglas just the right size!
  • And even with all this, Nate and I have been able to pay off $900 worth of credit card debt over the past three months!
  • I know there is more that I am forgetting!

In what ways has the Lord blessed you and your family? Don't forget to sing of the mercies of the Lord forever!

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