Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cleaning House

 Toys have been significantly pared back recently.  This mommy was getting a bit frustrated with the sheer amount of toys scattered all over the floor and the lack of obedience in actually picking up toys.  So one day I lost it and pulled all the toys off the shelves and began piling them on the dining room table.  The kids helped me put correct pieces with the correct toys and we got everything sorted and matched up.  I then went down in the basement to survey the other toys stored there.  After throwing away broken toys and junky toys, I filled a laundry basket full of toys that would be donated.  After that I picked a few select items for upstairs and everything else went to the basement.  I told the kids that their behavior over the next few weeks would determine if I would bring up more.  They specifically want their kitchen and a big box of Duplo blocks.  I said they would need to earn them. 

What started as a punishment or consequence, has turned into an epiphany.  The kids don't really need many toys at their fingertips.  They are very happy with a few things and they end up using their creativity more to accomplish what they want during playtime.  Sure, they still want that kitchen to come upstairs, and it probably will here in the near future, but I would like to keep things more simple.  I am already a big fan of rotating toys.  I think now I will rotate and see what small amount of toys the kids are happy with.  They seem like they are having fun to me.  What do you think?

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