Thursday, May 13, 2010

Santa, Is That You?

Yesterday, Nathan dropped me off at the door of Kroger, so I could run in and grab a few things. He and the kids hung out in the parking lot while they waited for me. There was a man with a huge, long white beard sitting on a bench outside the store, waiting for the bus. Nate overheard Julius ask Layla, "Is that God?" Layla giggled and told him "No." He then asked "Is that Santa." Layla laughed and said, "No." Julius argued with her a bit, demanding that is was Santa, and she assured him it wasn't. Then he became upset and told Layla he didn't want to talk to her anymore. Isn't it funny that he first thought it was God?


  1. "Is that God?" is hilarious. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. How precious! For Julius to so simply expect that God lives among us. How awesome! For God to remind us through a child to have faith-filled expectation in our every day moments. Thank you for a beautiful picture of my grandchildren and of my God. -- Damma