Sunday, January 16, 2011

29 Week Belly Pic

Only 11 more weeks to go!  I managed to get through the holidays only gaining an additional 11 pounds!  Hey, I think when I was pregnant with Gunnar I gained 13 pounds over Christmas!  I continue on partial bed rest until I can have another ultrasound in a few weeks.  While the first two trimesters flew by, about a week ago this pregnancy seemed to grind to a halt and time is passing by as slow as molasses.  It could be that the partial bed rest, my increasing uncomfortableness and my cranky attitude are contributing to the feeling of time passing slow.  I also know that I am anxious to know if and how much the placenta has moved, and I am sure that anxiousness is also playing a part in the whole situation.  I am just going to do my best to get through the next few weeks when more information will be available.  Maybe it is best to think of all the things I still want to take care of before the baby arrives!  Hmm... I could get around our tax information.  I still want to clean out the filing cabinet.  I would like to make a final decision on whether we will be going with cloth diapers this time around.  I should probably have the baby girl clothes and bedding washed and ready to go by the beginning of March.  Then if I am able to birth at home, there will be a whole list of things to get ready for that!  Looking at this list, I should feel thankful that I still have 11 weeks to get all this stuff done.  Sometimes it is good to put things into perspective!   


  1. Hey Sarah,
    You look great! I am 32 weeks now and just had my ultrasound to see if my placenta had moved up where it was suppose to be. Everything was fine. I understand the anxiousness you're feeling. I was told at the ultrasound that the baby has a large head...which has been my fear since the last two got stuck and had complications due to their big heads!
    I got some new cloth diapers for this baby and I'm really excited about them. They are call Sunbaby. They are nice and thin and adjust with snaps for 7-32lbs. Hope everyone is doing well and I will be remembering you in my prayers.
    Love you, Katie Titi

  2. Katie,
    It's comforting to hear that your placenta moved out of the way! I will keep you in my prayers as I remember your difficulties with your babies passing through. Nate and I picked Stacia for our midwife and we are praying that we get to use her and avoid a C-section! Are you going to birth at U of M? I will get online and check out those Sunbaby diapers. I can't wait to hear some exciting news in the weeks to come. I can't remember, did you birth close to your due dates or where you early? So good to hear from you!

  3. HI Sarah~
    I just was reading your blog as I keep telling myself I NEEEEEED to blog so I can have some memories written down!! :) Anyhoo~ I cloth diapered when my second and third were both in dipes. We used fuzzi bunz and then I fell in LOVE with BumGenius...I originally started using the BumGenius "one-size" because they adjust from small to large. However, I then discovered their "All in One" diapers and FELL IN LOVE...No messy pockets to empty and they were super duper convenient...even when out. THey also have a great "resale" value when you are done using them. I purchased all of mine on sale through BumGenius (CottonBabies website) and was able to make back ALL of my money on them!! WOOHOO!! :)

  4. Hey Liz!

    It's been such a long time! Yes, blogging helps force me to document our day to day activities and memories, since I have never been a good journal keeper or scrapbook maker! I have heard really good things about both FuzziBunz and BumGenius. I think we have finally decided to go mostly with an all-cotton fitted diaper and wool covers, but I wouldn't mind having some "all-in-ones" or pocket diapers for the diaper bag. I was leery about the synthetic, polyester smell that I kept reading about and some of the odor issues they can have. I already feel like I don't have the best results with synthetic fibers in our clothes, so I was worried I would have even bigger issues with them in diapers. Just curious, what is your washing routine? I have been trying to decide which kind of soap to use for the diapers. So happy to hear from you! Thanks for your experience with the diapers!