Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend in the Hospital

Well, I just was able to come home from the hospital today.  At my last appointment before Christmas, my doctor informed me that my 20 week ultrasound showed placenta previa, a condition where the placenta is actual on some of the cervix.  It is a condition that can be dangerous, but it often rectifies itself as the uterus continues to expand during the remainder of the pregnancy.  The main concern is that any changes or disruptions to the cervix can cause the placenta to start to peel away from the cervix and result in bleeding.  Friday afternoon I experienced a little bleeding and my midwife advised me to head to the hospital by that evening just to be monitored.  Even though the bleeding was minor and it stopped completely by late that evening, the doctor really wanted to play it safe.  He kept me for two nights so that I could receive two rounds of steroids.  The steroids are for the baby's lung development just in case I needed to have an early emergency C-section.  Fun stuff.

What really makes this entire situation very, ahem, interesting is that after 3 hospital births Nate and I decided that we wanted to have the next baby at home under the care of a midwife.  But with my lovely condition, I really won't know if a home birth is a possibility until I get more ultrasounds to see if the placenta has moved off the cervix.  So right now, I will either be having a lovely water-birth at home or an emergency C-section at the hospital.  Could you have two more extreme scenarios than that, lol!

Either way, Nate and I are trusting the Lord.  We know which ever way we are able to birth, we will be fine with the choice.  Because safety of baby and momma are the most important, and a birth plan always takes back seat to those priorities.  But, don't get me wrong.  I will be thrilled if I can avoid a C-section.  Most women don't usually jump up and down for them, ya know!  I will keep y'all posted on future information regarding this situation.  Prayers are always greatly appreciated, too!

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