Wednesday, March 30, 2011

38 Week Belly Pic

 Pic from about 2 weeks ago.

A few weeks back the midwife brought the pool with her, so a few days later Nate set it up just to see how long it took to inflate.  Holy moly, it was a lot bigger than I imagined!  After that, he partially deflated it and stuck it in the basement.  Well, last night he brought it back out, as I had a nice dose of false labor.  The pool got set up (no water, thank goodness), birth supplies were set out and then by 1 am my contractions stopped and we went to bed.  Uggh!  Needless to say I was very frustrated and both Nate and I are a little tired today.  This false labor thing is a bit tricky, always making me doubt if it's the real thing.  It's so hard to tell because the beginning of my real labor is the exact same as the false labor I experience.  I've had about 4 episodes of false labor this pregnancy, and each time the contractions are more intense.  So the prayer now is that I will be able to clearly distinguish the difference.  I heard one woman say that you will know if its real labor if you have a baby in your arms in the end.  How true is that!


  1. Holy cow that pool looks huge with you sitting in it!!!

  2. We are praying ... and waiting for the call telling us you're heading to the pool!
    Love ya -- B&P