Monday, March 28, 2011


So normally by this time women are praying to have their babies, but last week I found myself on two occasions praying not to go into labor.  The first was on Monday night.  I had been having lots of contractions and the pain in my back was getting more intense as the night came on.  As we were putting the kids to bed, Layla proceeded to puke in her room, the hallway and all over the bathroom.  I got a bit panicky that I potentially could be going into labor while a stomach virus was working it's way through our house.  I had bad visions of being in labor and puking from this bug.  My prayer was "no labor tonight, Lord!" and thankfully I didn't have to worry about a baby that night.

The second time came on Saturday evening.  Nate and I were in bed, but hadn't turned the lights out yet when we suddenly lost power.  He went downstairs to gather up some flashlights and he then started to look out the back window of our upstairs and in an alarmed voice called for me.  A few blocks away an entire factory was ablaze and the sky was filled with flames, smoke and embers.  With no power, a home birth doesn't really work, lol!  Thankfully there were no contractions that night and in about three hours our power came back on.

So, with those crazy obstacles past us, I am back to praying for labor because I am anxious to meet this little girl!  Come on, baby!  We are ready to meet you!

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