Tuesday, September 13, 2011

School's Back In Session

We started the day after Labor Day and have been enjoying ourselves.  Julius has begun phonics work in his Penny Primer and finds it fun.  We are starting with Story of the World Volume 1 this year.  Layla has begun to gather important dates for a family timeline.  Then I would like to put together a large timeline for our history lessons and add to it as we read books, view art, etc.  Have any of you ever used a timeline? I am not sure if I want one hanging on the wall or to put one together in a large ring binder.  What are your thoughts?  We are several chapters into Tom Sawyer.  Layla has been running a fever for the past few days(six yr. molars?), so our school work has mostly consisted of Montessori activities and read alouds.  The kids have begged for more of these activities since they are so much fun.  It has even kept a feverish girl wanting to do more "work."  Layla is still not convinced the Montessori stuff counts as school!

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