Friday, September 30, 2011

Can I Keep'em Coming

About 4 weeks ago Layla received the Moody series from my mother.  Each book ranges from about 185 to 195 pages and there is only one picture per chapter.  Layla has already polished off 4 of these books in 4 weeks!  That makes me nervous because I want to keep her reading massive amounts of books, but I am a bit picky about content because she is very sensitive in spirit.  These books are great because they are about a homeschooling family, so Layla gets to see some similarities to her own life!  She is amazing!  I better go read some more to keep up with her!


  1. I just bought these books to read to my little ones! :) I LOVE the Terri and Steve Maxwell...AWESOME stuff...(I know their daughter wrote this series but they are all great). xo Liz Marsh :)

  2. Yes, Liz, we love the Maxwell family, too! Their info is so helpful!