Friday, September 23, 2011

Real Answers for Real People

Update:  Ok people, we've had about 40 views and no comments yet.  I know everybody has an opinion, especially regarding politics, so who is going to be the first brave soul to get this discussion rolling!?! 

I am loving all the new Ron Paul campaign ads!  Check them out here since they may not be airing in your state yet.  I would love to hear people's likes and dislikes regarding Ron Paul.  Maybe we can get a lively discussion going on!  After last night's debate, which seemed so full of "he said, she said" garbage and fluff from the front-runners, it would be nice to actually hear some real concerns from people and get some real answers of how a candidate would fix those problems.  Don't hold back.  I'll do my best to address any comment.  Let's just remember to keep things respectful and "above the belt."

Ron Paul 2012 - Restore America Now!

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