Sunday, February 14, 2010

Belated Birthday Bash

My parents were out of town for the past couple weeks, so we had a little belated birthday party for Julius this weekend at their house. My Aunt Lisa and cousin Ashley came over to join in on the fun!

It's so hard to watch someone else open up presents!

Gunnar was happy to play with the balloons and put random scraps of wrapping paper in his mouth!

Julius thanking Ashley for the cool star planetarium!

Loving his Lightening McQueen card!

Thank you Papa and Grandma Meredith for sending this cool mountain track all the way from Florida! Julius and Layla played with this for quite a while.

Aunt Lisa figured that if we started him out as a Lion's fan now, they just might be good by the time he is old enough to appreciate it!

My parents got Julius this doodle pro, so he can have one just like Layla. Yeah! No more fighting over that toy!

These cute little wooden animals are just adorable. They will be enjoyed by all the kids!

Layla is really liking Julius' bouncy ball. It was a bit big for Julius, so my parents are getting a smaller one for him and Layla will get to have this one. She is pretty excited!

Isn't he a cute little present?

Thank you Uncle Gary, Aunt Jayne, Cousins Natalie and Meredith. The farm toys were a big hit.

Julius really likes these finger lights from Grandpa Dave and Grandma Karen. WARNING: If you happen to have vertigo or epilepsy, stay from away from a toy like this! LOL!

The cake doesn't look so hot in photos. It has caramel poured over it. Liked the cake, liked the caramel. Not sure I liked them together.

Happy birthday, Julius! Not all kids get multiple parties.

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