Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Getting Outside

I have to say, one of my big weaknesses as a parent, is getting outside during the colder months. Spring, summer and fall are no big deal, because the weather is comfortable and I usually have plenty of yard work and gardening to tend to. But winter.....oh.....with a baby, too....is usually my time to hibernate.

Lately, Layla and Julius have been wanting someone to go outside with them. This worked for the past few weeks daddy didn't have to teach in the after school program. He was usually home by 4:00, leaving plenty of daylight time for fun in the snowy backyard. But now, he is back to his regular schedule and tends to get home around 5:45. Then, we immediately sit down to dinner (most nights :).

Yesterday, Julius threw a fit because he wanted me to play outside with him. It wasn't going to happen because the baby was due to wake up any minute from his nap. But today, I watched beautiful, fluffy snowflakes fall from the sky and I felt that twinge of childhood nostalgia calling me outdoors. I got the kids dressed in there snow gear, the baby bundled up and in the carrier, and threw a few of Nate's coats over myself and Gunnar.

Gunnar and I dressed for the snow (yes, I am wearing camoflouge and no, I don't have any make-up on).

Layla and Julius were glad for the company outside.

The best part of going outside on a cold and chilly day is coming back in for hot cocoa with marshmallows!

I will have to get outside a bit more this winter!

Need a little encouragement to get yourself and even your kids outside? Check out this excerpt from the book, Last Child in the Woods. I haven't read the book yet myself, but have read several articles about it and I find it very interesting. I think I need to get that book!

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