Thursday, February 11, 2010

It Sure Did!

Well, we got the snow and the snow day that we were hoping for. It wasn't the great, wet packing snow perfect for building snowmen, but, hey, you can't always get your way!

Our friend, Josh, decided to crash at our house Tuesday night. That way, his snowy morning commute to work would be about half the distance. We enjoyed the company, as did the kids. They love Josh, like an uncle.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed their daddy being home for the day. Mommy enjoyed the waffles and eggs Nate made for breakfast! Nate enjoyed taking a little nap after shoveling the sidewalk and driveway.

Today, it was back to business, as usual.

The kids enjoy playing this together. Layla likes to pretend she is a teacher. She makes Julius say the letters and the sounds they make.

Gunnar enjoyed a little time in the tub.

Today is a swell day! It is just around lunch time and all the important things are done. I need more days to go like this, lol!


  1. Really nice post. I like how you include photos with your narration. I am jealous Nate had the day off, though I took comfort in the fact that those of us who have *real* jobs are the ones who reported to work. :)

  2. HAHA I love this post and pics!!! What a fun guy that Josh is! ;~)
    Nicole Vance