Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Rotation of Stuff

With three children close in age, and plans to have more, we can accumulate stuff with the best of them. Nate and I do our best to only keep what we love and what our children love, but needless to say, it takes a lot of work and we still manage to have too many things in our house and garage. Knowing that we want more children, we have to be wise about what we decide to part with and what we decide to keep for future use. With Gunnar pulling himself up on things, and walking along furniture, we knew it was time to get out what we call "the wall and tunnel." My parents got this for Layla when she was a baby. It is now getting used by a third baby. Layla, Julius and Gunnar have all loved it. I am amazed at how much the older kids still get a kick out of it. What's even funnier, is that Layla and Julius have no recollection of the toy from their own baby days. That's the beauty of rotating toys in and out of storage. Old toys are once again new!

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