Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Getting Ready

Is anyone else like me in that you tire of getting ready day in and day out? You know, the same old routine, shower, dress, do hair and makeup. It gets old day after day. Yeah, sometimes I skip the make-up, but I always regret it some point later in the day when someone unexpectedly comes over or I need to run to the store. I am one of those not so fortunate women that really need some form of make-up on daily. If not, I get asked if I am tired or not feeling well. I don't blame people. I do look tired and not well when I don't have any make-up on.

Well, now I sound like I am complaining. I better stop. I was just wondering if anyone else ever gets frustrated or tired by the whole process. It might make me feel better if I am not the only one!

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  1. Do you guys know where you are going to move to?