Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Fever....Literally

A little bit back, Nate was sick with a bug that he probably picked up at school. It was only a matter of time before the rest of us got the pleasure of experiencing his discomfort.

But with all the fevers, chills, runny noses and voices that sound like we are a bunch of chain smokers, there is one factor that makes this all much, more bearable. Spring is upon us!

When you are sick in the winter, you have to stay all snug in your house and avoid the cold snow and blistery winds. But when you are sick in the spring, well, that's a different story. Yesterday, it practically felt warmer outside than it did in the house. So all of us, fevers, running noses and all, headed outside for a bit in the backyard. I knew the sunshine and warm air would be good for us.

Temporarily, I forgot I was sick, and so did the kids. They rode their bikes and other toys, while Gunnar hung out in his exersaucer and I raked leaves. The fresh air smelled wonderful and the extra Vitamin D was surely appreciated. But after about an hour, our noses were running and the fevers were becoming stronger, so we reluctantly headed back in to rest. The kids conked out immediately on the couch and Gunnar and I sat back and quietly rested, too.

We are still feeling pretty bad off today, but I hear it is suppose to be even warmer, and I am looking forward to some more sunshine on my face this afternoon.

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