Friday, March 26, 2010

A Thomas Jefferson Education

A while back I read Oliver DeMille's, A Thomas Jefferson Education. I was amazed and inspired by the book, but didn't jump into his program right away. Nate recently read it, and we have begun our journey together, trying to achieve a classics/mentor style education. So far we are only a few books into the process, but I am so enjoying what I am reading and the conversations that Nate and I are having.

Here is what we are reading and discussing now.

What great books have you recently read?


  1. I LOVED The Chosen! Great Book! I've been meaning to read more by Chaim Potok. Have you read anything else by him?

  2. No, but I saw on the back cover that Potok has a sequel to The Chosen, called The Promise. I think I need to read that to see what happens to Reuven and Danny in their adult lives!