Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot Fun

So we've been sweatin' pretty good here in our non-air conditioned house. If you've seen the movie A Time to Kill, all the cast members are always glistening with sweat. That's how I have felt for the past several days. I've been trying to keep oven and dryer usage to a minimum as they just make the house unbearable. We've been eating cold leftovers, using the grill and trying to eat our fruits and vegetables chilled. Cold beer, cold watermelon and cold sprinklers have also made these dog days of summer much more enjoyable. Our neighbors invited us over to swim in their pool today, and that was such a treat. It really cooled us down and we enjoyed the time getting to know our neighbors better. We also enjoyed a few hours at the lake on Sunday with Nate's sister, her husband and their two children. The lake was crazy busy!

I had plenty of laundry to do today and I dried most of it outside. I don't have a clothes line, so my patio furniture was draped throughout the day with sheets, towels and clothing. The sheets and clothes dried nicely in the sun, but I have to say I prefer the way the towels feel when they are dried in the dryer. I was amazed at how quickly everything dried.

Nate put our a/c window unit in our bedroom and our entire family has been sleeping in there because the other rooms are just too hot. I am so thankful that we have the window unit. It is such a relief to sleep in a cool room after a long day in the heat. Keep cool and enjoy the extra Vitamin D!

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