Saturday, July 3, 2010


The weather has been gorgeous here the past few days, but it's been a bit too cool for swimming at the lake. We have kept ourselves occupied with yard work, a visit to Nate's grandparents, an afternoon of hittin' garage sales and some playing at the park. Garage sales are tricky and humorous things. Another man's junk is another man's treasure (did I phrase that right?). And sometimes another man's junk should really just end up in the trash. Sometimes they really should be call garbage sales instead of garage sales. And then there are always those people who stuff is really not that bad, but their prices rival that of a department store. I learned well from my mother-in-law to price stuff cheap and it will fly out of your garage. Not that I have ever had a garage sale myself, but if I did, everything would be cheap! LOL!

Enough rambling about garage sales. We did score some pretty good stuff for pretty cheap. We got the kids a book shelf for their room for $2. Which was good because we ended up buying 60 books for just $6. That was my favorite score of the day. Ten books for a dollar. Whooohooooo! And I dug through to make sure they were all good books. No garbage or twaddle books allowed. And plenty of easy-readers since I can't keep Layla's face out of a book. The kids were in heaven tonight at bedtime going through their new books picking out ones for Nate and I to read and ones for them to take to bed.

We also picked up two little kids chairs for a buck a piece, a few more books from other garage sales, snow pants and some clothes for Layla, a big box of wood blocks, a wood truck and a larger dump truck all for a few bucks. I was even able to get a little kid's snow shovel for free. So next winter, Layla and Julius will be on snow removal duty. Oh yeah, we got a huge chalkboard for a dollar, too. Nate's former school was closing it's doors and they were selling everything cheap. It was too big to fit in the van with all of us, so he has to go get it tomorrow once he takes the seats out.

All in all, it was pretty good shopping. Nate was bummed at the lack of tools. He was hoping to find some hedge trimmers and maybe a saw. Maybe next time, babe.

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