Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Long-Time Friends

Our family had the chance to visit last week with some friends that live about 5 hours away. Mary has been my best friend since first grade. We had the pleasure of going to school together all the way through high school. I miss her terribly, but we are both convinced that in order to see each other more often we would need to live on the same street! Maybe someday! That would be dreamy.

Our family, Mary, her husband, Matt, and their three children all met us at a local state park. We chowed on pizza while the kids ran around and got incredibly sweaty. Matt and Mary's kids are all about the same ages as ours, so they match up pretty good. I hadn't seen Mary in about a year and a half. It makes me sad to even write that. It is always great to see good friends, no matter how long it has been, because you always feel so comfortable around them. Thanks for the visit, Matt and Mary. Maybe we can head down your way sometime and invade your house!

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