Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Making Progress

So I am making some progress with my to-do list.  We all know that there are always parts of our to-do list that are easier to get moving on than other parts.  "Sorting bins and packing away too small clothes" has been on my list since September!  It just seems to take more effort to go to the basement, bring up bins and work my way through all the baby and kid clothes.  I am trying to donate items that I am not especially fond of and throw away anything I may have stored that is stained.  My goal is to end up with a few empty bins to store the large laundry basket of small clothes I have hidden in an upstairs closet.  I hate spending money on more bins if I can find some to use in the house.  One sad moment did come when I started sorting through a "mystery" unmarked bin.  It contained some 3T girl clothing, an 18 month boys winter coat, and a small pile of boys 9-12 month clothing that I never got to use with Gunnar.  There was some really cute things in there and it made me want to cry that I never found them when they would have been useful!  It just serves as motivation to really get the rest of my bins sorted and better organized.  I am sure there is bound to be a few more mystery bins discovered. 

So my list is looking more like this now:
  • Get back to daily school work 
  • Finish "Ruby Holler" chapter book with the kids
  • Wash all the dirty towels and sheets
  • clean both bathrooms
  • clean off fan blades in our bedroom (it's gross!) - can you tell I am avoiding this?
  • Use up any remaining food in the fridge and grocery shop  - um, I really need to do this tonight to avoid anymore take-out dinners!
  • Sort through clothing bins and store away clothing that is too small - Progress is being made!
  • Find good dinner roll recipe for Thanksgiving - I am thinking about this recipe
  • finish Christmas gift ideas for our kids - some progress, but need to write a complete list and more importantly order stuff online
This publicly made list is helping hold me accountable.  If you feel you need an additional push of accountability, add your to-do list to the comments section and see if making your list public helps you accomplish more!


  1. Have you tried "bleaching" the stains in the sun? It works so well on Hayden's diapers that I've started trying it on some of his and our clothes. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't (and sometimes it does, but I have to leave it in the sun for several hours a couple of times), but I've saved some outfits that way. Just wanted to suggest it if there are some stained outfits you're sentimental about.

    I've also found that public disclosure keeps me more accountable - I've posted on Facebook about doing an early morning run or something. Knowing that someone may ask me about it keeps me on top of it! Good luck getting yours done!

  2. Thanks for the tip, Kami! Fortunately the items tossed weren't anything special. I will have to do that in the future, though. We are still highly considering cloth diapering!