Monday, November 1, 2010

18 Week Belly Pic

So I had really great intentions of taking a picture yesterday in a very cute polka dot maternity dress that I wore to church.  But, after getting home I quickly put on my pajamas (because that's what I do on Sunday afternoons, lol!) and then remembered that I needed a new belly pic.  So, instead of looking all snazzy in a nice dress, you get to see me in my sloppy jammies!  Oh well, maybe next time!  I am still managing to keep ahead of the game with my weight!  I am at 20 pounds gained and only 18 weeks pregnant!  Oh boy!  Every pregnancy I tell myself that I will not gain so much weight, but I think I am beginning to come to terms with the fact that I just naturally get huge when I am preggo.  I have really cut back on desserts this time around and I feel like I am not eating that much more than I eat when I am not pregnant, and still the numbers are flying upward!  Must be the way I am designed, lol!

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