Wednesday, April 28, 2010

AJ and Phil's Wedding

So, AJ's wedding was wonderful, and unfortunately, most of our pictures turned out lousy! I don't even have a good picture of the bride and groom together. Nate and I definitely don't have the hang of our new camera. These are the only pictures that turned out good enough to post.

Nate and I at the rehearsal dinner at Claddagh's. Mmmm, the food was so good!

AJ was such a beautiful bride!

The kids came to the ceremony for two reasons. One, so they wouldn't go the entire day without seeing me. Two, my aunt and cousin couldn't babysit until 4 pm.

Nice to at least get a decent family picture.

Fun times at the reception.

AJ and I met our freshmen year in college and were instant friends. It's such a pleasure all these years later to still be her friend and take part in her wedding. Her new husband, Phil is the best. He is wonderful for her, and better yet, Nate and Phil enjoy each other's company, too. It's nice when your spouse likes your friend's spouse!

May God bless your marriage, AJ and Phil!

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