Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Disney on the Cheap: Part 3

Downtown Disney was a wonderful cheap way to get a "Disney" experience without paying the cost of park admissions. If you can manage to stay away from the sit down restaurants, you can enjoy the day with only spending a few bucks on rides.

Poor Gunnar was stuck in his stroller most of the day.
I am sure he will enjoy vacations more in the future when he can participate in more.

The train at Downtown Disney was fun for Layla and Julius and just cost a few bucks a kid. Thanks Grandpa Dave and Grandma Karen for the fun ride!

The carousel was also a fun, cheap ride!

Our main expense of the day was Layla's birthday meal at Rain Forest Cafe.

Layla was quite shocked when all the waiters came out to sing "Happy Birthday" to her. Because of her allergies, she got a free plate of french fries, instead of the standard ice cream. They stuck the birthday candle in a small cup of whipped cream. Too funny!

The kids were a bit scared of the occasional thunder storms.

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