Friday, April 30, 2010

Disney on the Cheap: Part 4

The only way our Disney trip was finacially possible in the first place, is that Nate's aunt and uncle graciously gave us their time share for just $300 for the entire week. The condo we stayed in was normally around three hundred a night, so this was quite a steal. The full kitchen and dining room allowed us to get through the entire week with only eating out for three meals. Nate's parents, my parents, and Nate and I all split the meals throughout the week, so this was very time and cost effective.

The condo was spacious and cozy, which allowed us to enjoy our time there when we were not at the pools or parks. We celebrated Easter and Layla's birthday with the comfort of feeling like we were at home. The resort had four different pool areas, which made for tons of fun for us and the kids. There were even beach entry pools that made it possible for Gunnar to get in on the pool action.

For additional free entertainment, we headed to the Animal Kingdom hotel to watch all the birds and animals that are right on the grounds there. The kids loved seeing the big beautiful hotel, too.

The kids loved the birds that came by every day. Our favorite was a heron we named "Charlie." He obviously was used to being around people and allowed us to feed him right from our hands. Our condo had a beautiful view of a pond and lake. Thank you Janet and Dick for giving us such a wonderful place for our family vacation!

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