Sunday, April 18, 2010

Disney on the Cheap: Part 2

Blowing kisses to Minnie Mouse

Goofy acted crazy! Scared the baby a bit!

Autographs from all the characters. Thanks Beepaw and Damma for the books and pens.

Ears purchased at a nearby Walgreen's for $4.99 each

I loved the fresh orange juice and the kids loved the Mickey Mouse shaped waffles.

The characters all gave good hugs.

Minnie Mouse was Layla's favorite. In fact, I think she was all the kids favorite.
Gunnar "made out" with Minnie and wanted to keep sucking on her nose.

Gunnar was a bit scared of Pluto.

To keep this vacation as cheap as possible, we decided to only go to Magic Kingdom one day. To get a "Disney feel" on another day without paying hundreds of dollars (about $350) to get into a park, we booked a reservation at Chef Mickey were you get a full breakfast buffet and get personal interaction with the Disney characters all around $90 for our entire family. The kids were pleased too, because when we actually went to Magic Kingdom you had to wait in long lines to see any characters and they weren't as friendly and personable as the ones at the buffet.

After our meal, we jumped on the Disney tram for free and rode around looking at the views. I know this wouldn't pacify children of all ages, but our kids are young enough that they enjoyed these simple activities and it really saved us a lot of money.

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