Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bathroom Make-Over

Nate recently "updated" our upstairs bathroom a bit. Our house has been on the market since Thanksgiving and we started brainstorming a few things we could do for as little money as possible that would make the house look nicer. After a stroll through Menards, we snagged some clearance flooring for $60, a new light for $25 and a new toilet seat for $12. Nate then scored a new faucet for $21 on Ebay and we had plenty of glossy white paint left over from other projects. Our old bathroom looked like it came out of an 80's trailer, with it's wood cabinets, wood toilet seat, cheap flooring and awful wood and metal light. If your bathroom sounds like that, don't take offense. We happily lived with it for the past 5 years. But we are now happy to have a bit more updated bathroom, and we are hoping potential buyers will be too! Great job, Nate! Thank you for working so hard and making the bathroom look so good! And a special thanks to our good friend, Larry, for helping Nate with the floor and the putting up with the spraying of water all over the bathroom and himself. What a good friend!

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