Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lone Survivor

So I was rather tired today. I must admit I stayed up until the wee hours finishing a good book. Our good friend, Bregger, recommended this book to us a few months ago. So when Nate's coworker had a copy and offered for us to borrow it, Nate, brought home Marcus Luttrell's Lone Survivor. Now this book will not fit everyone's taste, but for me, I very much appreciated not only the eye witness account of the worst SEALs disaster in history, but I also enjoyed getting an inside view on what one must go through to even become a SEAL.

I had been enjoying the first part of the book for the past week, reading here or there as I got time. But last night I hit the part of the book that outlines the disaster and Marcus' miraculous survival. So I couldn't stop reading. I pretty much knew the real story and I still couldn't stop reading. But, looking back, it seems fitting that I lost several precious hours of sleep on Memorial Day reading about some amazingly courageous men. If you like that kind of stuff, grab the book. I always appreciate real stories of war, because lets face it, I am too chicken to do the stuff that others willingly volunteer to do. Its just amazing to read what a human body and mind can take and still keep on task, following orders. Kind of puts things in my life in a different perspective, ya know?

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