Monday, June 7, 2010

One Week Left

It is crazy to think that Nate is on his last week of school. The kids and I can barely stand it. We are ready to have Daddy home for the summer! This school year has flown by, but these last few weeks have gone very slow, due to our anticipation. I can't say that word (or type it) with out breaking out into Carly Simon's Anticipation. Love that song. Speaking of Carly Simon, that reminds me, I haven't posted our pics from the James Taylor/Carol King concert. That concert was so much fun! The music was awesome. I give it to James and Carol, for being so much older, they still sound so amazing. Sometimes you go to concerts of older performers, and, well, they just don't sound very good anymore. But not those two. Still had such a beautiful and true sound, just like their original recordings. Oh, and we were probably some of the youngest people there. Go figure. Never saw so much gray hair in my life, lol!

This weekend was fun and busy. We headed out to one of our favorite spots on Saturday, Puddingstone Farms. This couple has several green houses, plus they raise a ton of chickens of all varieties. They also breed giant rabbits, pigs, goats, sheep and they rescue lots of animals, too. We got to see new baby pigs and hold a baby goat. Their were also new ducklings that were so adorable. We just love it there. It always reminds us that we want to get into some farming, once we are able to live in the country. If you are in our area, head out on County Farm Road and drive way out into Parma. Turn right on Rogers Road and the farm will be on your right. I love to give her our business. We bought some purple sage and some creeping rosemary. We then hung out with our friends, Josh, Nicole and their daughter, Alexis, on Saturday evening. We ended up "riding out" all the bad weather that night, debating whether we should all head on down to the basement. Sunday was church and a fun church picnic. Busy weekend, but fun. I was happy to enjoy a boring Monday today and not have to go anywhere!

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