Tuesday, June 1, 2010


So we finally got around to making our own ice cream last week. Nate's parents got us an ice cream maker for Christmas, but in the mess of the whole day, the directions were thrown away. After months of procrastination, I found direction online and we gave chocolate coconut milk ice cream a try. Wow! Very delicious. Nate and I both thought it reminded us of fudgesicles. Yummy! Then we had a pleasant surprise when we took down our wreath from the front of our house to add some patriotic garland to it. A tiny bird had made a pretty impressive nest. What was so cool about all of this was a few weeks ago I got Layla a book called Marvin's Best Christmas Present Ever. In the story, a bird makes a nest in the wreath he made. It was so fun to have it happen in real life. Well, I better be off. The natives are hungry!

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  1. Layla made a text to self connection! NICE! I have second who still struggle with this.