Friday, August 13, 2010

Annual Church Garage Sale

My pastor's wife graciously reminded me of the annual garage sale at one of the local churches. She and I loaded up early on a Thursday morning, lists in hand, hoping to get some wonderful goodies. She was able to get a few items off of her lists, as well as some other good finds that she came across. I felt like I hit the jack pot. Not only did I get a nice amount of fall clothes for Layla and Julius, I managed to get a ton of clothes for Nate and myself, along with boots and shoes for the whole family. And at prices ranging from $ .25 to $1.5o an item, I saved us a ton of money. Shirts and pants for kids are $1.99 a piece at our local Goodwill, so these prices were about half of that! I was able to snag a bunch of snow boots, too for only $.75 each! Snow boots never go on sale, so that saves about $15.00 each pair. And instead of dragging home more toys to clutter up our house, I bought the kids a bunch of aprons and a ton of scarves and bandannas. Let me tell you, they have been a huge hit! I love to see all the different ways they use them throughout the day. It cracks me up. So if you ever finds a bunch of old lady scarves for cheap, buy them up! They are gold! Your kids will love you. Oh, and I have already warned the kids that I may need to borrow a scarf from time to time to spruce up an outfit or tie back my hair.

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  1. Layla, I love your bubushka (spelling?). And Julius, your ninja/samurai skirt is cool! Gunnar, is that a magic dancing scarf you found? Looks like lots of fun y'all!
    Love you to the moon and back. --Damma