Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Last of the Chicago Pics

We busted on the scene at Jeremy and Tonya's and invaded their small apartment with our rambunctious family. Many might be worried about how we fared in a tiny place with so many people (and animals), but really it wasn't bad at all. Jeremy and Tonya might feel differently! I bet their place felt like a mansion once we got our family and our stuff out of there.

I love being in a smaller place because it always reminds me of how little we can actually get by with. I read some articles recently on simple and small living that you might enjoy too.

But Will It Make You Happy?

Tiny House


  1. Their apartment doesn't look nearly as small as I pictured it. The kids look right at home, so apparently space wasn't a problem for them. I enjoyed the small living articles. I can relate and would like to go even smaller. Maybe not as extreme but smaller. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I will miss our 356 sq. ft. when we move. Quite frankly, our new place isn't much bigger, just a little more closet space. I haven't minded living here for 3 years at all. The only thing the bothered me was the lack of closet space.

  3. And living here has allowed us to become debt free in two and a half years! Whoot!

  4. Being debt free is awesome! So proud of you guys!

  5. I just read an article about how "McMansions" are out. People want to live smaller and simpler, so Jeremy and Tonya you are all over that trend!