Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Own Bed

We said goodbye to Nate's parents this morning. They were visiting from Missouri since last Thursday. We also had the privilege of spending a bit of time with Nate's brother and sister-in-law from Chicago. It was a busy, but fun long weekend. We only have three bedrooms, so when visitors are in town, we have to get a bit creative with sleeping arrangements. Nate and I slept in the baby's room on an air mattress, so that our house guests could have actual beds. It's not horrible sleeping on an air mattress, but Nate and I kept forgetting to put more air in the bed night after night, so the bed kept getting worse and worse. Oh well, its our own fault, lol!

Now there are fresh sheets on our bed and I am looking forward to getting to sleep in my own bed. Nothing feels as comfortable as your own bed. It's probably because of the grooves in our mattresses that fit us just right. Can you tell I am excited!

But, I will sleep on an air mattress any day to have family and friends come visit!

Do you love returning to your own bed after sleeping somewhere else?

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