Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Around Here

If you had been hanging around here today, you would have caught some of this....

I did my best to duplicate a photo shoot from early December. I took a roll of black-and-white film of the kids back the first week of December. I know, film?!? We have been operating these past five years with film. Don't feel too bad. We have a Canon Rebel that has a great lens. My parents were kind enough to lift us from the Dark Ages by giving us a digital camera this Christmas. This is why my blog now has many more pictures. Ok, ok, back to the story!

So I turned this roll of film into Meijer still in early December. By Christmas they were telling me that the film was still not in and that black-and-white takes a long time. Whatever. I told all our family members that their Christmas gifts of pictures would be delayed a bit. By the end of December, Meijer figured out that the processing plant destroyed my film by processing it in color film chemicals. Go figure. So all 36 beautiful, black-and-white pictures of my babies dressed in their wedding clothes, no longer existed. We embarrassingly told family members that their gifts would be delayed longer. Then Julius and Layla both came down with the flu. And even by the middle of January, when everyone was healthy again, I kind of forget that we still owed everyone a Christmas gift!

So now in late January, I have finally gotten the kids dressed in their best, yet once again, to try and make all this right. I bribed the kids with candy if they were good for the pictures and took about 48 black-and-white photos with my new camera. Amazingly, a handful turned out!

I cannot reveal these beauties just yet, as they need to be ordered, shipped or hand-delivered to family members as their belated Christmas gifts, first. Then when all these housekeeping issues are completed, I will be glad to post the best of the best. I might even throw in a few more outtakes!

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