Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Parade of Food Continues

Still nothing spectacular to write about. But I did manage to take pictures of what we ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lame, I know! But it is all I got, lol!

These lovely bagels will keep you from ever wanting a grocery store bagel, EVER AGAIN. You can find the recipe here at Under the High Chair.

I am now a believer in these amazing crisps. These rosemary, raisin and pecan crisps are delish with cream cheese, but can stand alone as a great snack, as well. I can't keep Layla and Julius out of them, and Layla doesn't even like raisins! It is a copycat recipe designed to save you money since the one's from Whole Foods run about 10 bucks a pop. This recipe is also from Under the High Chair. Click here to enter a new dimension of crispy cracker goodness!

A few weeks ago we purchased a grass-fed lamb, which we split with my parents. We enjoyed braised lamb chops last week. Layla loved them so much, that she has been asking for lamb almost every night. The other night I was making a shrimp dish, and she asked if she could have "a layer of shrimp with a layer of lamb underneath." I about wet myself I laughed so hard.

Tonight I made a lamb stew, loosely based on Alice Waters' beef stew recipe, in The Art of Simple Food. It called for a topping of chopped parsley and garlic, but Nathan and I both agreed we liked the stew better without it. We served it on pearled barley. Even though this meal didn't wow me, it was good and I enjoyed the different flavors and spices in it. I tend to get in a spice and flavor rut, since many of our meals have similar ingredients and seasonings. The lamb, roasted red peppers and cloves in this stew made for a nice change of pace. And like my mother always told me, "every meal does not have to be a party!" And now I tell my children, "you don't have to be in love with everything you eat!"

But it sure is fun, party or no party, when you get to eat things that you love!

What did you eat today?

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