Sunday, January 31, 2010

No More Pacifier

Along with turning three this past week, Julius had another huge task to tackle. Giving up his pacifier!

Our family rule is: No pacifier after three years old. I know, everyone has a different opinion on the subject. This is just what Nathan and I decided on when we had our first child. Layla gave up her pacifier around her third birthday, and now it was Julius' turn.

The good thing is, that Nate and I learned to start weaning Julius off before his actual birthday. For about the past year, Julius has not been allowed to have his pacifier throughout the day. He would mainly have it at night, in long car rides and when he was sick. We learned that the hard way with Layla, who had her pacifier day and night in her mouth, until she had to give it up, cold turkey!

Yesterday, Nathan wrote a letter to God, for Julius. In it he asked that God would give his pacifiers to a new baby that needed them, since he was now a big boy and didn't need to use a pacifier any longer.

Julius then added his two pacifiers.

Julius was so proud of himself and his letter.

And then...........the reality that he was getting rid of his pa-pa's (pacifiers) sunk in.

He has loved his pa-pa's for the special time he had them. Daddy comforted him and assured him this was part of becoming a big boy. This actually made mommy tear up a bit, too! It's hard to watch your babies grow up so quickly.

Nate bundled up Layla and Julius to take them to drop off recycling and to swing by the mailbox to drop off Julius' special package. By this point the tears had passed and he was excited. Nate said that he dropped it into the mailbox without any problems. A little bit down the road he asked for his pa-pa. Nate teasingly reminded him of where it was. He asked a few more times in the evening. By bedtime, I think he was prepared. After stories, prayers, hugs and kisses, Julius was tucked under his covers. I saw him chewing a bit on the corner of his sheet. He fell asleep pretty quick and slept the entire night! Hallelujah! Everyone's prayers were answered. Julius received hugs and high fives this mornings and reminders of what a big boy he really is!

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