Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gingerbread Houses in January?

So with the kids being sick for much of December, my plans of quaint gingerbread houses being decorated with sticky, little fingers never quite materialized. I even baked the gingerbread pieces of the house the very last week of the month, but could never find the right time to decorate them. This week I was determined to get it done, come hell or high water! I couldn't look at the large bag of decorations much longer.

The great thing about kids is they aren't so stuck on time lines and time frames. They were happy to be doing something fun and shoving as much candy and goodies in their mouths as possible. They didn't care that it was January. A big thanks to my mom and my husband for finding all natural treats to decorate with. My kids have allergies to artificial flavors, colors and preservatives and most mainstream candies contain them. So with the hard work and creativity of everyone, this gingerbread house is as natural as you can get, as gingerbread houses go!

Nate put the house together after the kids were in bed since it needs to set for 8 or more hours before decorating. Didn't he do a lovely job!

Our collection of goodies included candies, nuts, cereal, chocolate chips, sprinkles, chocolate coins and bars, animal crackers and snack mix. Oh, some candles, too.

This kinda reminds me of Hansel and Gretel!

The lion sits on Gumdrop Mountain waiting for the bear to get close enough so he can make his attack!

Those gummy stars are pretty tasty!

Well, we are thrilled with the results and I am thrilled to have it crossed off my checklist. I can now charge ahead into 2010 no longer worrying about the gingerbread house that never was. Now the next dilemma is when to throw it away and how to convince the kids that it needs to be pitched at some point! Maybe by July? Hopefully sooner!

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  1. This looks great. I'm glad you guys had fun doing this. Nate should be really proud of his construction effort!

    And if you call a Winter House, no one has to know you were thinking about doing it around Christmas!