Thursday, September 9, 2010

Do Over....Please!

Yesterday morning was....interesting. Before Gunnar, Julius and I even made it halfway down the stairs, crying, pouting and general disobedience were already taking place. A few minutes later, Layla came down to join the rest of the family and added to the already chaotic environment. By the time Nate was kissing us all goodbye and wishing me a better turnout of the day, I had made my decision that we needed a "do over."

All four of us watched daddy drive away and then we marched back upstairs to bed. I let Layla and Julius take a magazine to their beds, and Gunnar came to bed with me. For the next 25 minutes I rested my eyes and Gunnar quietly laid next to me. I could hear Layla and Julius enjoying their magazines in their room. After almost a half and hour, the baby was ready to get up. The four of us headed back downstairs and enjoyed a more peaceful morning routine. Sometimes you just need to ask, "Can I start over?" Thank goodness, yesterday we could!


  1. What a wonderful example of God's love and grace. In a poem by Helen Steiner Rice she wrote, "You are ushering in another day untouched and freshly new, so here I am to ask You, God, if You'll renew me too. Forgive the many errors that I made yesterday...." You are beautifully teaching your children how to renew a right spirit.

  2. You are a wise mother!