Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Links for Delaying Solids

At the request of a friend, I wanted to offer some links to articles regarding the delaying of solid foods in an infants diet. Here ya go!

Why Delay Solid Food?

It's Baby Food Time

Heed Natural Timing before Infant Introduction to Solid Foods

I really enjoyed rereading over this information again. I hope you enjoy it too!


  1. Thanks for the links - I'll be curious to hear what our pediatrician has to say about it, but I like the more laid-back approach.

  2. Just to warn you, your doctor might not agree because doctors tend to be very "by the book" type of people. They are trained a certain way and tend not to deviate from it. I usually take in consideration what my doctor says, but then I do my part to read up on a topic, look at how things are handled throughout history and then come to the decision that is best for our family. I hope you and Andy can come to a decision that works best for you guys and Hayden! No matter what you decide, just the fact that you are taking responsibility for your child's health is the important part!

  3. Yes, we'll see what she has to say. She's surprised me on a few things (not being as conservative as I expected) - I think it helps that she's not much older than us, so her training is a bit fresher. And even the AAP is now recommending "a gradual introduction of solid foods in the second half of the first year," which sounds like a very generalized version of what these articles suggest.

  4. Oh, that's good. Our kids' doctor is more old school and I tend to keep non-conventional things to myself, lol!