Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Has God Had His Worship Today?

Have you worshiped the Lord today? I know many days I forget. I tend to get in my Bible reading and some prayer, but often forget to partake in worship until I am at church. Worship is not just for church time, but can happen anytime. Today while wiping up crumbs from the table, "You Are Good" came to mind and I began to sing. I haven't sang this song in quite some time. We used to attend a church that played these songs during their worship service, and I forgot how powerful they were. I quickly did a YouTube search and before long the kids and I were enjoying a very spirited little worship service of our own. Maybe these songs will help you enjoy an impromptu worship time of your own. If they are not to your liking, find some of your favorite songs on the web, your Ipod or put in a CD. Let's try to remember to give the Lord the worship He deserves!

(On a side note, music is not the only way to offer worship to the Lord. Pastor Robert Dickie has a wonderful book called What the Bible Teaches About Worship, that talks in depth of the variety of forms of worship that the Bible outlines. It's a great read.)

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