Saturday, September 25, 2010

Homeshool Readings

Since the start of school, we have read and enjoyed both Gulliver's Travels and Peter Pan. These are adaptations of the original books for younger readers. I am not always a fan of reading a non-original version, but the reality is that I am reading to a 5 and 3 year-old. I read Ann of Green Gables to them last year in it's original form, and they seemed to struggle with the overall length of the story and the mature text. These books are targeted for elementary school aged children and have many pictures throughout the chapters. The kids, especially Layla, are loving them. Julius has a harder time following an audible story. Layla wants to read Oliver Twist, next. I have tried to warn her that it is not necessarily a "happy" story. We will see what she thinks!

I was recently asked how and what we choose for our homeschooling curriculum. I will try and get around to that, soon, even though there is not much to discuss, as we currently take a very relaxed approach to schooling.

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